Abi-Samra, Kameel
Achieving a Closed-Loop Artificial Pancreas
Aleshire, Jennifer
Microfluidics for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Sepsis
Arnesano, Cosimo
Intraoperative Detection of Awareness
Bilotkach, Kateryna
Neuroplasticity after Brachial plexus Injuries
Bisht, Gobind
Self Powered Microdevices: Next Generation Bioenergetics
Chen, Bihan
Anterior Crutiate Ligament Engineering
Chun, Gregory
Nanoscale Adhesives for Wound Closure
Cutrale, Francesco IGRT: Aiding Radiotherapy with Imaging for Non-Invasive Tumor Treatment
Duncan, Philip Webmaster
Dyer, David Bioartificial Kidney
Kendall, Michael
Bubble Ultrasound-Guided Biopsy/Surgery
Kim, Monica
Injectable Polymers for Treating Myocardial Infarction
Kornswiet, Matthew
Three-Dimensional Intraoperative Image Guidance Using Computed Tomography
Kuo, Eric
Non-Invasive Real-Time Continuous Measurement of Blood Pressure
Liaw, Gary
Humanized Neural Electrodes
Nia, Nima
Transcatheter Heart Valve Replacement and Repair
Okabe, Hiroshi
Surgical Simulation through Haptic Technology
Patel, Nayan
Ultrasound for Nerves
Rapier, Crystal
Molecular Toolboxes: Medical Applications of Dendrimers and Stealth Liposomes
Robertson, Claire
Anterior Tether Growth Modulation for Scoliosis Treatment
Roset, Scott
Personalized Pharmaceuticals:Genetic Testing for Drug Risks and Benefits
Santoro, Ylenia
Emerging Technology for Treatment of Urinary Tract Calculi
Sarff, Allison
X-ray Elastography for Identifying Tumors
Shi, Yixin
Mechanical Challenges in the New Generation of the Artificial Temporomandibular Joint
Soroori, Salar
Stem Cell Therapy for Myelin Formation after Spinal Cord Injury
White, Sean
Usage of Stem Cells as Vehicles for anti-Tumor Transgene Products in Oncology
Xu, Shanshan
Magnetic Bead-based Biosensor
Yang, Bruce Webmaster
Yang, Hsin-I
Tissue Engineering Strategies to the Regeneration of Auditory Nerve and Hair Cells
Yang, Owen
Medical Applications of Terahertz Imaging