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Ultrasound-guided surgery is an innovative and promising technique that may revolutionize many if not all surgical procedures. All surgical procedures are limited in their capacity to what the surgeon can see in the operating room. If a specimen, perhaps cancerous, is too small to recognize, it is either looked over or taken out along with a great deal of healthy tissue. Real time imaging with ultrasound provides a method for viewing tissue in detail, from vasculature to morphology. Bubbles further increase the effectiveness of ultrasound by increasing contrast and targeting of specific tissue. Endoscopy used in conjunction with this technique could lead to scarless surgery that utilizes trans-gastric or trans-respiratory or trans-urinary access.

The aim of this website is to discuss the background for the following technologies:

  • Ultrasound
  • Endoscopy
  • Microbubbles

In addition, two case studies that examine current and future prospects for these technologies will be presented.





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Mike Kendall

BME Graduate Student