Welcome to Diffusion Tensor Imaging in MR-Guided Neurosurgery. This website was designed as a part of the course requirements for BME 240 -Applications in Clinical Medicine at the University of California, Irvine.

It is meant to give you an overview about current magnetic resonance (MR) techniques used in MR-guided neurosurgery, with a particular focus on diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), a very promising and powerful contrast mechanism for water diffusion in MR. 

This website is structured in three parts:

        1. MR-Guided Neurosurgery
        2. Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI)
        3. Applications of DTI 

The first part gives you a brief overview about different techniques for neurosurgical navigation based on MR. Some MR systems for intraoperative neurosurgery are shown as well.

The second part covers the principles of diffusion tensor imaging. For this part, it is assumed that you have some basic knowledge of MR. If you do not have any knowledge of MR, you may want to review some MRI basics first.

The third and last part
covers the most common clinical applications of diffusion tensor imaging.

Jonathan Lisinski,  June 2008