Multilayer Nanoencapsulation

                   ----------  New Approach for Immune Protection of Human Pancreatic Islets

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What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that affects human body¨s ability to produce or use  insulin which helps transport energy (glucose) from food to cells.

Diabetes Mellitus (Type I)

 - Insulin Dependent
 - body cannot produce insulin

Diabetes (Type II)
 - Non-Insulin Dependent
 - Due to a combination of defective insulin secretion  and defective responsiveness to insulin

Where does insulin come from?

There is only one organ in human body which could secrete insulin-------- It is PANCREAS!

1)Exocrine: Produces digestive enzymes
2)Endocrine: Produce hormones including insulin


Normal Pancreas Tissue Structure and Function



Beta Cells: Secrete Insulin

       All Beta cells are included in islets of pancreas .

Function of Insulin


Insulin mediates signal transduction pathway to allow GLUT4 receptor to uptake glucose.
Without Insulin, glucose accumulates in the blood stream leading to toxic effects

A Promising treatment for Diabetes

 Multilayer Nanoencapsulation of Human Pancreatic Islets using for islet transplantation




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