Stem Cell Techniques in Breast Augmentation

Why Bigger Breasts?

A very common treatment for breast cancer is the mastectomy or removal of some or all of the breast tissue in order to remove the cancer. Two types of mastectomy can be performed: simple mastectomy, or complete removal of the breast without removal of the lymph nodes, and a modified radical mastectomy, or removal of the breast and the lymph nodes surrounding the breast [2]. Both of these procedures are highly disfiguring due to the complete removal of the breast. Current options for reconstructive surgery of the breast include nipple reconstruction to restore the nipple and improve appearance of the breast, flap reconstruction, which uses autologous tissue to restore size and shape to the breast, and in lieu of flap reconstruction, the most common form of breast surgery: tissue expansion (implantation).

The breast is often a part of a woman's body which she holds very dear, and its disfigurement can be a truly devastating experience for a woman. That is why breast augmentation, although often made fun of in the context of celebrity, is a science (and art) that is beneficial and meaningful. If a woman's self esteem can be restored by the replacement of her breasts then it is science's duty to help her.

Figure 2: The breast and lymph nodes may be removed during a mastectomy
Figure 10: Placement of the implant in breast augmentation, above the muscle

Cosmetically, the breast can also be enhanced with enlargement (augmentation) and lift (mastoplexy), in order to make a woman more attractive. In the breast augmentation procedure an implant made of silicone or saline is implanted in the breast either above or below the muscle in order to add volume to the breast. Implants have been shown to be an effective method of to safely increase breast size in women who desire it, but now there is another option emerging. Many people feel that "fake breasts" accented with an implant are not natural enough and may even feel different than normal breasts. That is why, as will be discussed at this web site, stem cells are now being experimented with in order to produce natural breast augmentation. The doctor, in essence, allows a woman to simply grow her own breasts larger using her own tissue! There is not a more natural treatment than that.

Figure 3: Breat lift and augmentation for cosmetic purposes
Figure 4: A silicone breast implant used for augmentation. These can provide a large volume.