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With the initial success of the implantation of the engineered bladder tissues, Dr. Atala has brought much hope to those who suffer from end stage bladder failure. It is huge step in the field of tissue engineering as well since we were able to go from cells and scaffolds and were able to recreate a tissue as complex as the bladder. This brings hope and also allows the public to see how far tissue engineering has advanced in the field of medicine. There is still much more work to be done since the engineering of tissues is still complex and variable. In Dr. Atala's case, we saw that the engineered tissues had to be specifically created for the patient so his method of creating the artificial bladders cannot be mass produced. Hopefully, this can be accomplished with further discoveries and innovations made in the field of tissue engineering and medicine.

In the News

Figure 7: From CBS news.com, here is a picture of a constructed artificial bladder featured on the news.

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