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This webpage provides information pertaining to interventional mechanical thrombectomy techniques in the acute stroke setting. This webpage was created by Sepehr Vatanpour for BME 240 Spring Quarter 2010 at the University of California, Irvine. Please click the links found on the banner above to delve into focused discussion on each aspect. A brief synopsis of each aspect is given below. References are provided on each page in a footnote format.



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Clinical Background and Need:

Describes the disease state requiring treatment, the current modalities of treatment, and the clinical need for mechanical thrombectomy.

Engineering Principles and Considerations:

Investigates the engineering and clinical principles and considerations that are applicable in mechanical thrombectomy devices. In-depth attention is given to proximal vs. distal thrombosis engagement and vacuum employment during thrombectomy.

Commercial Devices:

Provides in-depth information about the 2 FDA-approved, commercial devices in the United States. Focus is on how each device works and clinical results.

Upcoming Advancements:

Investigates technologies for mechanical thrombectomy in the acute stroke setting on the horizon: stent assisted recanalization therapies.


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