The procedure of Implantation

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Lead Implant :

Subthalamic Nucleus and the Globus Pallidus

         The first step is to put the Stereotactic head cap on the patient for frame of reference

         The patient then undergo local anesthesia

         Then brain imaging is performed which enables precise targeting outcome and minimum risks.

         Microelectode recording(MER) then is being used to provide additional information for targeting the right spots

         The lead implantation then is performed  drilling a hole of 14 mm in to the skull  and then at each opening bull hole ring is implaced

         Stimulation then is performed, it is really important that the patient be awake at this time  to check the brain signal Dr. ask the patient to do some activity like moving the hand and with these feedback doctor can insure the right placement  of the implant

         After the lead placement, the lead is being secure by closing the burr hole cover.

Placement of Neurotransimitor requires general anesthesia and can be done on the same day as lead implantation or on the separate day.


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