Neurotransmitter implant:

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The procedure is done minimally invasive under the general anesthesia.

Incision is made in the Subclavicular area, a pocket is made and the nuerotrasnmoitor is implanted.

The procedure is then repeated bilaterally

Nest is the connection:

Lead is connected to the extension, pass though the scalp and the skin of the neck and finally down to the pocket to the transmitter

Future Improvement:

Deep Brain Stimulation Technology is constantly improving. As it was explained Medtronic innovative design enables a long lasting battery. However, rechargeable battery with longer life time is expected. With new chemistry, the more powerful device can be obtain.

The size of the stimulator is also important for cosmetic issue, so by using the new technology smaller and more powerful device can be made.

Another problem is the wire extention, as it was explained the wire had to go form the scalp to back of the skin and then to the transmitor. In the near future the direct electrode connection may be possible.

And finally telemedicine may let the patient to be monitored over the phone or internet. So they don’t have to make an appointment and go to the hospital for diagnosis and checkup.

Other possible treatments…?

As technology is improving and surgeons gain more experience in deep brain stimulations surgery, many other disorders can be treated. Currently there are so many research and interests in reversing stimulation. And many surgeons believe that this can be considered a suitable DBS treatment. According to Larson 1 , psychiatric disorders are one of the main interests and good candidate for deep brain stimulation therapy. Beside that DBS has the potential for other therapy like obesity, eating disorders. Also Green et al shows that DBS is promising for controlling blood pressure2.

Also there are some study on performing DBS in minimally conscious state for patient with traumatic brain injury and using alternative crossover desing.3

So there are so many possibilities and Deep brain stimulation can be a very promising technique for treating many disorders in near future.

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