Ceramic Bearing Surfaces


Currently, reported results from studies are available for the following ceramic hip system, Transcend and Linear total hip, both of which are manufactured by Wright Medical Tenchnologies, and ABC system and Trident system which are manufatured by Stryker Howmedica Osteonics.  The following graph displays annual failure rate with resepect to bench marks of cement and cementless systems.  


Fracture of ceramic components have been reported by Heisel et al reported to have a rate of 0.004% or 4 in 100 000. Loosening of ceramic components has been reported for 0.5% of components in the Lineage System. Postoperative infection of ceramic hips have been reported to be 0.7%. Dislocation of ceramic hips have been reported for 2.4% of ABC systems and for 1% of the Transcend and Lineage systems, while the rates of dislocations for other types of total hip replacements systems varies from 0 up to 7%

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