Ceramic Bearing Surfaces

What are Ceramics!

Ceramics are comprised of a vast variation of materials, and one defenition is not possible. The best defention thus far is a regractory, inorganic, and nonmetallic material. Ceramics are divided into two classes, traditional and advanced. In hip joint replacements, advanced ceramics are used, which can be made up of pure oxides (Al 2O3),carbides (SiC) , nitrides (Si3N4), non-silicate glasses and many others.  Ceramics have a lot of advantages over traditionaly materials with superior stiffness, heat and corrosion resistant, less density and availability and inexpensiveness of raw materials. 

Ceramic total hip joints refer to two types of systems, ceramic on ceramic, and polyethylen on ceramic.


Ceramic on ceramic systems have have both the cup and the ball components made out of ceramic. While polyethylene-on-ceramic total hips have a ceramic ball and a polyethylene cup. 

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