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Scaffold properties should be specific to enable cell penetration and tissue formation.

Property of Scaffold:

Ideal scaffold for tissue engineering should have the following characteristics:

  1. Three dimensional and highly porous for cell growth
  2. Biocompatible with controllable degradation rate
  3. Suitable surface chemistry for cell attachment
  4. Mechanical property matched of the tissue

Function of Scaffold:

Scaffold for tissue engineered intestine:

There are limited options available for tissue engineering intestine. The three groups that worked on developing scaffolds are presented in the table below:

Group Name
The property of scaffold
Vacanti et al.

Biodegrable polymer tube with PGA fibers and sprayed outer surface with PLLA. For more info. click here.

Conley Wake et al.

Pliable biodegradable polymer with PLGA and PEG blends with solvent casting. For more info. click here.

Shimizu et al.

Collagen sponge from porcine skin reinforced with PLGA. For more info. click here.