Who is behind DBS Technology?




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The process of Deep brain stimulation requires using imagine technique combined with mechanical device and micro drive mechanism. Medtronic is one of the biggest competitors behind this technology.

The first and still the only available rechargeable DBS device is called Activa RC, manufactured by Medtronic.


Device specifications: Neurostimulator  

Activa RC Deep Brain Neurostimulator


This device is 54 mm(2.1in) tall with the length of 54 mm(2.1 in)The thickness of the case is 9 mm (.4 in) and the connector’s thickness is 11mm.


The device is pretty light with the weight of 40 g(1.6oz)



The battery life is estimated to be 9 years and it is rechargeable.


Operates in both voltage or current mode

0-10.5 volt Voltage mode

0-25.5 mA Current mode

Pulse With:

60-450 s

Connector type:

Octapolar, in line 2.8 mm spacing

Number of electrodes:

4, defined as cathode anode or off

External material of the shield:




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