Stem Cell Techniques in Breast Augmentation

Structure of the Breasts

The breast consists of the nipple, areola, ducts, lobules, and lobes of fat. It is situated on top of the pectoralis major and the rib cage. The main purpose of the breast is to provide milk for the offspring of the woman, which is produced after pregnancy during lactation.

Figure 1: Sructure of breast from the side

The breast also serves a cosmetic purpose for the woman and women often desire larger breasts for the purpose of looking attractive. In this case, if a woman’s breasts are not to her liking, cosmetic surgery is available in order to increase the size and perkiness of her breasts. Cosmetic surgery can also be done to reduce ptosis, or sagging, of the breasts with age and nursing.

The breast can be affected by cancer as well, and this may require its removal. In order to restore a normal appearance to a woman a breast augmentation can be performed. This web site explores the possibility of using adult adipose-derived stem cells for the purposes of breast augmentation, instead of an invasive implant.

*In this website there are clinical depictions of breasts