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From: http://pathology2.jhu.edu/bladder_cancer/images/bladder_anat_lg.jpg

Tissue engineering combines the specialty of both engineering and biology to recreate tissues to restore lost function. Using a variation of biological techniques and engineering, researchers have been able to recreate tissues such as liver, skin, and in our case, bladder. For this website I will introduce the advances that tissue engineering has brought to reconstructing the bladder. Recently in the news, whole bladders were recreated and sucessfully implanted into patients.This was the culmination of many years of work and research to construct the entire organ. But how did they accomplish this feat? How were they able to recreate a human organ in the laboratory? What kind of materials did they use to reconstruct the organ? We will find out these answers as we look at the development and advances that tissue engineering has brought in reconstructing the organ. This is an exciting step in the field of tissue engineering and for patients afflicted with bladder diseases.

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by Carlos Huang