Targeted Tumor Therapy



Erkki Ruoslahti, "Drug targeting to specific vascular sites"                                                                                      Review article outlines homing peptides already discovered and potential uses in conjugating them to therapeutic drugs.

W. Arap, E. Ruoslahti, "Targeting the prostate for destruction through a vascular address"
Research article documented in current research section shows new peptide found which homes to the prostate and can potentially be used to target prostate cancer in the future.

M. Akerman, S. Bhatia, E. Ruoslahti, "Nanocrystal targeting in vivo"
Research article documented in current research section shows three new peptides targeted to lung endothelial cells, tumor vasculature, and a specific type of breast cancer line.  Article continues to document coating nanocrystals with the peptides for a sustained delivery to targets.

Y. Chau, R. Langer, "Antitumor efficacy of a novel polymer-peptide-drug conjugate in human tumor xenograft models"
Research article documented in current research section shows a drug/polymer device which homes to tumor by taking advantage of the highly porous vasculature of tumors.  The antitumor drug is release after being cleaved from its polymer by matrix metalloproteases specific to metastasizing tumors.

N. Dinauer, H. von Briesen, "Selective targeting of antibody-conjugated nanoparticles to leukemic cells and primary T-lymphocytes"
Research article documents group's studies conducted to target the CD3 antigens on T-cell leukemia cells.  Anti-CD3 antibody was conjugated to nanoparticles that incorporated into the leukemia cells.

Link to a list of publications put out by the NanoSystems Biology Cancer Center at California Technical Institute.

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