Deep Brain Stimulation @ UCI


Deep Brain Stimulation: Neurosurgical Advancement and Study of Mechanism Using 7.0 Tesla MRI in Humans and Molecular Neuroimaging in Animal Models


 According to the present study at UCI by PHD candidate Paul Hoon-Ki Min under the supervision of  Dr. Kruggel and Dr. Zang-Hee., using ultra high field MRI, neuroiaming studies was performed.accrodign to Paul, with today’s technology like UHF 7.0 T MRI, with enhanced resolution and sensitivity, precise surgery is possible.

They have also done in vivo studies for better understanding the DBS mechanism. And based on this, it has been hypothesized that by activating the survived nigrostriatal dopaminergic neurons, dopanin is released which in turesn  controlse the striatal target cell, and this can benefit the therapy.

They also envisioned the possibility of direct visualization and direct electrode targeting. This can has a huge effect both during the surgery and more importantly it can improve the post treatment management and thus the outcome of the surgery.

Paul PHD Dissertation is on Friday June 11,2010 at 3 pm in Engineering Gate way,room#316.

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