Created By Amit Dudakia


For decades, surgeons have relied on scalpels as the primary tool for cutting skin and delicate tissue, while depending on electrosurgical devices in order to cut and coagulate fat and other such tough and thick tissue.  However, surgeons have been faced with an inherent tradeoff in that scalpels allow for a high degree of precision but do not control bleeding, while electrosurgical devices cut and control bleeding, but significantly damage surrounding tissue.  In spite such a tradeoff,  PEAK Surgical set out to develop a technology which has allowed for a bridge providing the surgeon with the benefits of both approaches.

PEAK Surgical’s next generation tissue dissection system has distinct advantages over the current commonly utilized instruments and devices.  The company’s unique technology has permitted ultra-precise tissue dissection and coagulation while significantly minimizing thermal spread and subsequent collateral tissue damage.  Such an unparalleled combination has allowed for the provision of significant benefits for both surgeons and patients.


The pRecision of a scalpel & the bleeding control of traditional electrosurgery without the extensive collateral tissue damage

The PULSAR Generator’s unique pulsed waveforms and the PlasmaBlade’s proprietary insulation technology enable precise cutting with minimal thermal damage.